Quality Check

Service at Diebold

We will check your tool holders for accuracy. Find out more about the Diebold quality check here ...

As a part of our services, we offer professional inspection of your tool holders. Send your tool holders to us and we will inspect and measure the tapers, the inner contour of the taper and the runout to the nose part. You will receive protocols for each tool holder and a list of all documented measurements. This service was developed at the request of customers, because their tool holders and thus their machining processes cause problems, but the user cannot identify the reasons himself. Many customers have asked us to check their stock of tool holders and to evaluate the measurement results so that they can take decisions as to whether or not these tool holders can be used for the desired machining operations.

We are happy to carry out this service for you. If you are interested, please contact our service department by e-mail at or by phone at +49-7477-871-712.

Do not hesitate to use our Quality-Check Service.