Taper Gauges Maintenance and Service

Diebold taper gauges are used by all well-known manufacturers of tool holders in the world. Also many owners of maching centers use our gauges to check their tool holders that are in use or purchased new. Where many tool holders are in use or are subject to high wear, customers are using our taper gauges. The gauges are ingeniously designed and made of many small components and individual parts. They are often used in production in a workshop environment, therefore regular maintenance is necessary. For maintenance, the gauges will be completely dismantled and all individual parts are measured and checked for function. If necessary, they are replaced with new parts and the devices are then put together again. After assembling they are tested and calibrated. Your multi-point measuring device is now ready for use without any restrictions and you can measure your tool tapers error-free within a few seconds.


Quality management systems require regular maintenance of the measuring equipment used in the company. Technical defects due to wear and tear are detected early. This is the only way you can ensure function, dimensional accuracy and repeatability and produce certified quality.

Diebold does all maintenance works in its own factory with specially trained staff in a fully air-conditioned environment. For every maintenance you will receive a quality certificate.

Diebold Taper Gauges measure tool holder tapers with accuracy of a micron. The gauges are easy to handle and safe so that measuring faults will not be possible.

Our service package includes:

  • Visual inspection and functional test
  • Localization and recording of deviations from the nominal condition
  • Disassembly of the measuring instrument down to all individual parts
  • Inspection of the individual parts for damages and wear and replacement if necessary
  • Cleaning of the individual parts with a process specially adapted to the surface
  • Reassembly of the measuring instrument
  • Readjustment of the measuring device
  • Functional test
  • Checking of the measuring results and repeatability
  • Documentation and attachment of the inspection sticker
  • Issue of a new calibration certificate