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Calibration service

Measuring device maintenance

Spindel repair and spindle service

Shrink device repair

Quality check


Calibration service:

Quality management systems require the regular calibration of your operational measuring equipment. This is the only way you can produce certified quality. Diebold carries out all calibrations in its own factory with specially trained staff in a fully air-conditioned environment. The calibration is carried out with our own high-precision calibration masters or on the most precise measuring machines in the quality class 2 measuring room. Of course you will receive a quality certificate for the calibration. We also ensure traceability to the standards of the DAkkS (German Accreditation).

Measuring device maintenance:

Quality management systems require regular maintenance and calibration of the measuring equipment used in the company. Technical defects due to wear and tear are recognized early and professionally remedied with regular maintenance. This is the only way to ensure the function, dimensional accuracy and repeatability of your measuring devices.

Spindel repair and spindle service:

We repair high-frequency spindles and spindle units from various manufacturers and types. What is the difference between and from a pure spindle service operation? Thanks to our decades of experience as a manufacturer of high-frequency spindles and a spindle supplier for many well-known machine manufacturers, we are the ideal partner to professionally maintain and repair your high-frequency spindles and spindle units. Our fully air-conditioned factory is ideally equipped for the production of spindle components, spindle spare parts and for the repair and regrinding of spindle components. Our measuring room is unique in the world of spindles, air-conditioned according to quality class 2 and equipped with two Leitz PMMC measuring machines of the high-precision class. Our spindle fitters have many years of extensive know-how and always work in accordance with our philosophy of "passion for perfection".

Shrink device repair:

When you buy a Diebold shrink machine, you are choosing comprehensive support and perfect service. If repairs are necessary, we will provide you with a loaner device. This service is of course free of charge during the guarantee period.

Quality check:

As a service, we offer you to check your existing HSK tool holders. Many customers have problems with tool holders, which are often bought together from different sources. You then commissioned us to check your inventory of tool holders with our taper measuring devices and to provide you with the measurement results so that you can decide whether or not these tool holders can be used for the desired machining success. Experience has shown that, on average, around 30% of the existing tool holders are not or no longer within the tolerance specified by the standard.



Would you like to have your high-frequency spindles repaired by us or make an appointment for a visit of our demo van at your site or use one of our other services? Feel free to call us or write an e-mail to us.

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