Workpiece Clamping Technology

Diebold offers Precision Clamping products and special vices for 5-Axis machining. Diebold-Goldring tool holders are famous for their high precision in demanding milling applications. For successful milling, the clamping strategy for the workpieces is just as important for achieving high machining accuracy.

Diebold´s engineers help and advice the customers how to select suitable the best tool holders and clamping systems for for their workpieces. Diebold assists the customers in improving their milling processes. Diebold has entered into partnerships with manufacturers of high-quality clamping systems for workpiece clamping. 

Diebold offers parts and accessories for various Zero-Clamping Systems from well known brands. For automation of your machines, Diebold recommends the use of the zero point clamping system Parotec. The Parotec clamping system is particularly suitable for the safe operation of your automated loading system. Also for your existing zero point clamping systems, Diebold can supply accessories from well-known manufacturers of branded products such as:

  •     Erowa
  •     3R
  •     Schunk
  •     AMF
  •     Hirschmann

You will find vices and workpiece holding systems in our catalog. Diebold will continue to expand the program and add additional components.