Spindle technology

Spindle technology

High-frequency spindles for production, aerospace, die & mold industry, automotive

Diebold supplies powerful high-frequency spindles and spindle units to the best-known machine manufacturers in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia for use in aerospace, mold  industry, automotive and general production. The current capacity is more than 2,000 spindle shafts and components per month.

Our product range includes motor spindles for HPC milling (High Performance Cutting) and HSC milling (High Speed Cutting). A particular specialty are spindles for 5-axis machines, swiveingl spindles with extremely short design and high power (up to 90 kW) and high speeds (up to 50,000 rpm).

High-frequency spindles (HSC, HPC, robot spindles)

In the high-performance sector, machine manufacturers are using high-frequency spindles with modern equipment in terms of frequency control, vibration control, sensor technology, unclamp units and through coolant capabilities. Diebold spindles meet these challenges at the highest quality level. Depending on your requirements, we supply spindles with rotary unions for coolant, MMS, ATS, cryogene cooling or only air. We offer models with vacuum suction through the spindle and we have various models with HSK-T taper and spindle clamping for turning operations with the HSK-T interface. 

High-frequency spindle HSG-E 198.18-38.AK HSK-A63, 18,000 rpm, 38kW, plug-in spindle

Diebold offers service-friendly and economical HSK plug-in spindles for high-performance milling. This innovative spindle concept impresses with its compact design and grease bearings, which offers significant cost savings compared to the more complex oil-air lubrication.

The spindle is designed as a plug-in spindle and can be replaced quickly and easy. The shape of the housing is freely selectable:

  • Cylindrical housing
  • Housing for fork head
  • Flanged on one side as housing for a swivel head
  • For direct installation in torque axes

The spindle has low imbalance due to the very precisely manufactured individual parts. The clever cooling reduces the axial growth to a minimum.

High-frequency spindle HSG 230.15-41.AK HSK-A63, 15000 rpm, 41 kW

With an output of 41 kW and up to 15,000 rpm, these spindle models are ideal for demanding machining operations on stable machining centers or turn/mill machines. Hydraulic clamping of the spindle shaft allows  turning operations with tool holders HSK-T. We use grease lubricated bearings. Therefore the machine tool builder is savings cost for the equipment of the machine, as the more complex oil-air lubrication is not necessary. The spindles have low imbalance due to the very precisely manufactured individual parts and the axial growth of the spindle shaft is reduced to a minimum due to clever cooling.

Modular spindles

Our modular series of high-frequency spindles with diameters of 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm for high-precision machines can be equipped with different taper variants (HSK-A, HSK-C, HSK-E, HSK-T).

The modular system allows you to choose from a wide range of variants. 

Spindle packages according to customer requirements

According to your individual requirements, we offer spindle packages consisting of several assemblies. For example, spindle shafts with integrated drawbar systems or spindle shaft, clamping system, bearings and rotor.

Only the best materials and components are used for the production of the spindles. We work together with the leading manufacturers of clamping systems to offer you state-of-the-art tool gripper systems.

We use the Ott-Jakob system for automatic tool change and the brands Mapal, Gühring and Sigma for manual tool clamping.

By combining our spindles with the world´s most proven clamping systems, we are able to provide you with high-quality technical solutions unrivalled in the industry.

The many years of experience of our in-house trained assembly and service employees guarantee compliance with your quality requirements. Our assembly staff are regularly trained for the correct use of all components and systems of our suppliers. 

Spindle repairs

Spindle repairs are an important part of our spindle technology.

Our comprehensively trained service staff repair Diebold high-frequency spindles as well as spindles from other manufacturers. The spindle repair includes the replacement of the bearings, reworking of the tool clamping system, regrinding of the spindle taper, the test run and the full documentation of the spindle repair.



Goldring tool holders

Diebold offers you a complete range of tool holders with all types of tapers. Our focus is on HSK tapers of the highest accuracy class. Everything “Made in Germany” at the ultra-modern Diebold factory in Jungingen.

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Shrink Fit Technology

More than 20 years ago, we introduced the first contact shrink unit, a milestone in modern shrink technology. Then we developed inductive shrink units and, today, we are the market leader with more than 10 different units.

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Measuring Technology

Discover our taper measuring instruments for measuring HSK, SK, BT, D-BT, our measuring instruments for HSK spindle tapers as well as clamping force testers for spindles with HSK, SK, BT and PSC tapers, plug gauges for aligning machines, radial run-out test bars and special measuring instruments.

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Workpiece Clamping Technology

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Maximum precision

Precision manufacturing of all components with tolerances from below 1μ in a fully air-conditioned building

Assembly in a clean room

Spindle assembly in an air-conditioned clean room

Top quality

Sophisticated quality assurance in a class 2 CMM room with two high precision Leitz measuring machines for inspection if spindle components and continuous documentation 

Competent repair

Fast and professional repair of spindles from Diebold and from other manufacturers 



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