Measuring technology

Measuring technology

Taper measuring instruments, test arbors & clamping force testers for maximum precision

Diebold offers a wide product range of taper measuring instruments for measuring HSK, SK, BT and D-BT tapers as well as taper measuring gauges for HSK spindle tapers. The product range of measuring technology also includes pull force gauges for spindles with HSK, SK, BT and PSC tapers, test arbors for run-out test of spindles and several special measuring instruments.

Certified multipoint measuring instruments for HSK tapers & steep tapers

Benefit from our high-precision multipoint measuring instruments for measuring HSK tapers and steep tapers. We produce certified master tapers of the highest accuracy level according to the rules of the German Calibration Institutes on the basis of multiply certified master taper gauges. Diebold taper measuring instruments for fast and reliable measuring of HSK tapers or steep tapers are used by the world´s most renowned tool manufacturers and a large number of end users of HSK tool holders. With Diebold taper measuring instruments, you can always ensure that your HSK tools have the greatest possible accuracy and maximum reliability.

Clamping force testers

Mechanical pull force testers from Diebold are used to test the pull-in forces of clamping systems in machine spindles.

The pull-in forces of the clamping elements in the spindle can decrease due to fatigue spring assemblies, dry running of the grippers or wear. The clamping force to hold HSK tool holders becomes too low. As a consequence, radial stiffness, radial run-out and the repeatability accuracy of the tapers are affected. Consequences are rapid wear of the spindle and of the tool holders. Expensive damages to the machine spindle and the workpiece can be avoided by periodically checking the pull force of your spindles.

The mechanical pull force gauges form Diebold are accurate (measuring accuracy ± 3 %) and robust, cost-effective and reliable, without the use of electronic parts.

Radial run-out test bars

Diebold run-out test arbors are certified arbors for aligning and measuring your machine tool and to check your spindle run-out.

The test bars are manufactured in our fully air-conditioned factory and are measured and calibrated with the most precise measuring machines – they come with a quality certificate from the specialist for test bars and spindle and tool holder measuring equipment.

All Diebold Test Arbors have now received a Goldring. The Goldring is the Diebold brand sign for exceptional precision. Every service man will recognize that he has a reliable Diebold measuring device in his hands that he can rely on at all times. Because the accuracy of Diebold Test Arbors complies with what is written on the certificate.

As a service, we offer you the calibration and certification of your test arbors made by Diebold and from other manufacturers. We guarantee the traceability to the standards of the German Calibration Service Institute.

Service case with gauges

Good spindle and machine service are important to increase your machine productivity. The Service Case includes all necessary gauges to inspect your machine alignment and spindle. In the hard case the gauges are well protected.

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HSK taper measuring instruments for inspection of tool holders tapers

High-precision taper measuring instruments from Diebold ensure that you can check the functional dimensions such as taper angle at an early stage and avoid spindle damages.

Cheap tool holders are sold on the world market every day. The quality is always compromised due to the enormous price pressure. The functional dimensions such as taper angle, taper diameter and clamping shoulder angle are crucial, but they cannot be checked without suitable measuring instruments. Inaccurate tool holders lead to poor machining results and cause spindle damages.


D-BT taper measuring instruments for BT tapers with face contact

Diebold offers taper gauges for tapers BT tapers with face contact in various sizes (D-BT 30, D-BT 40, D-BT 50). The D-BT taper gauges are used for the precise measurement of the large and small taper diameter as well as the straightness of the taper line.

Measuring instrument for measuring the angle of the clamping shoulder

With this measuring instrument, you can check the dimension l5 on HSK tool holders with a constant measuring force from the clamping shoulder angle to the face contact.

Drive key inspection gauge for HSK tapers Form A and Form C

With this measuring instrument, the groove width b1 and the center offset can be checked from the reference point of the taper during soft machining or during the final inspection. No setting gauge is required!

Control spindles for run-out testing of HSK tool holders

Control spindles are used to check the run-out of the cutter side of HSK tool holders. The tool holders are clamped by an integrated manual HSK gripper to simulate the clamping situation as is in the machine spindle. For the runout test we recommend to use our prism device.

Taper gauges for HSK machine spindles

For measuring of HSK spindle tapers. The taper diameter is measured via the plane distance, the taper angle via contact.

The alignment tool is used to check the position angle of a tool holder in the tool magazine (M19 function).

Setting gauges for the drawbar position and monitoring of the sensor position guarantee a smooth production process.

Our balancing masters for HSK and SK spindles hold the tool gripper fingers permanently in place during the imbalance measurement. For a perfect measuring result!

VEG BASIC & VEG PLUS Tool Presetting and Measuring System

The all new DIEBOLD VEG Basic is our new entry-level tool presetting and measuring system. Its robust structure and user-friendly software interface allow customers to benefit from a basic, essential unit with a tangible, long-lasting performance.

New Presetters with Innovative Vision Control.The VEG PLUS tool presetting devices and measuring instruments have revolutionized the entry-level tool presetting range. The innovative SIMPLE VISION controller provides all the required measuring functions in one easy-to-use and trouble-free user interface on one screen.



3D edge finders

3D eco

Diebold 3D edge finders are used for the precise setting of workpiece reference points in all 3 axes.

The 3Deco is a professional edge finder where the dial indicator and the measuring mechanism are protected against damage. In case of overrunning the workpiece the probe will brake and the mechanics will not be damaged.

The Diebold Quality-Check

As a part of our services, we offer professional inspection of your tool holders. Send your tool holders to us and we will inspect and measure the tapers. You will receive protocols for each tool holder and a list of all documented measurements. This service was developed at the request of customers, because their tool holders and thus their machining processes cause problems, but the user cannot identify the reasons himself. Many customers have asked us to check their stock of tool holders and to evaluate the measurement results so that they can take decisions as to whether or not these tool holders can be used for the desired machining operations.

We are happy to carry out this service for you. If you are interested, please contact our service department by e-mail at or by phone at +49-7477-871-712.

Do not hesitate to use our Quality-Check Service.



Goldring tool holders

Diebold offers you a complete range of tool holders with all types of tapers. Our focus is on HSK tapers of the highest accuracy class. Everything “Made in Germany” at the ultra-modern Diebold factory in Jungingen.

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Shrink Fit Technology

More than 20 years ago, we introduced the first contact shrink unit, a milestone in modern shrink technology. Then we developed inductive shrink units and, today, we are the market leader with more than 10 different units.

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Spindle technology

Here, you will find Diebold high-frequency spindles for HSC milling, HPC milling and robot milling and spindles for 5-axis machines and swivel spindles with extremely short design and high power of up to 90 kW and speeds of up to 50,000 rpm.

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Workpiece Clamping Technology

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Maximum dimensional accuracy

By using Diebold measuring technology you can achieve maximum machining accuracy in your production. 


Our customers around the world appreciate Diebold measuring technology every day.

Fast amortization

With Diebold measuring technology, you can check your tool holders and your machine spindles at any time. This will save you expensive service cost.

Calibration service

Annual calibration of your measuring equipment with measuring protocol at Diebold.



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