Goldring tool holders

Tool holders with all types of tapers

Diebold offers you a complete range of tool holders with all types of tapers. Our focus is on HSK tapers of the highest accuracy class. Everything “Made in Germany” at the ultra-modern Diebold factory in Jungingen.

Highest precision and lowest tolerances
HSK tool holders require a considerably higher manufacturing accuracy than steep taper tool holders. Diebold tolerances between tool taper and plane surface are typically less than two micrometers (0.002 mm) and therefore well below the DIN/ISO tolerances. To reach this accuracy level the production technology and controls of the Diebold factory are state of the art.

Goldring tool holders, our brand name
At Diebold, you will find a complete range of Goldring tool holders with HSK or SK taper and all HSK taper types and sizes. Our newest product lines are JetSleeve™2.0, CentroGrip™, UltraGrip™ and TER shrink collets. When using these tool holder types your milling process will reach the highest productivity level.

DMS - Diebold Modular System

DMS - The Flexible Tool Holder modular system

The Diebold Modular System (DMS) consists of a basic tool holder and shrink chuck reductions and extensions of various lengths and bore diameters are mounted.
When using DMS, the number of tool holders used in production can be significantly reduced. The modular connection makes it possible to vary the diameter and projection length.

Due to the multi-part design, the advantages of the shrink technology with precise runout of the tool shaft combined with high damping capability allow high performance milling operations at high speed. DMS tool holders have excellent vibration-damping compared to single piece shrink chucks.
Due to the slim contour machining of deep pockets and cavities is much easier. It is also possible to use cutting tools with internal cooling.
The modularity of the DMS gives maximum flexibility. A runout accuracy of less than 3 μm is achieved, an important factor in high-precision machining.


• maximum possible clamping forces
• vibration damping
• highest possible cutting depth
• highest possible feed rates

Diebold Goldring tool holders with HSK / SK / BT taper

Diebold Goldring tool holders are produced to highest precision based on many decades of experience. As early as at the development stage – prior to the standardization in 1996 – we produced the first HSK tool holders and spindles for tests at the Aachen university. Due to these many years of experience, we later also became a manufacturer of taper measuring instruments in order to guarantee you the highest possible precision for the fit of the tool holders in your machine spindle.

We produce Goldring tool holders according to DIN 69893, DIN 69871 and MAS BT.

Made in Germany means "Made in Jungingen":
Under this guiding principle, we have been producing the Goldring tool holders for more than 70 years at our sole production site in our fully air-conditioned factory in Jungingen.

Diebold JetSleeve™ 2.0

The JetSleeve™ 2.0 is a further development of the previous JetSleeve™1.0 with a revised design and more innovative technical features for more machining advantages.

The former aluminum sleeve was replaced by a coated steel ring which does not have to be removed to shrink the tool. By replacing the aluminum sleeve, the wall thickness of the shrink-fit chuck could be increased and the clamping force increased considerably. 

But the stroke of genius with the JetSleeve™ 2.0 is still the tiny nozzle at the front side of the ring through which a cooling medium or air is sprayed to the tip of the milling cutter at high pressure. Any chips produced are blown away immediately after they brake, even in holes and in cavities, which are difficult to access. This increases your milling cutter life time by up to 300 %.

Due to the resulting Venturi effect, the cooling medium always remains directly at the milling cutter, even at higher speeds. 
Exactly where you need it!

UltraGrip 3.0 Power Chucks

High Power Chuck for Heavy Milling.
Diebold UltraGripTM Power Chucks are specially designed for extreme cutting operations with large milling cutters and high cutting force. Diebold UltraGripTMPower Chucks supply very high clamping forces and high vibration damping due to their design. Low runout combined with very high clamping forces are unique. Diebold UltraGripTM allows HPC-milling with big cutters, high cutting depths and high feed rates.

• maximum possible clamping forces
• vibration damping
• highest possible cutting depth
• highest possible feed rates


The high precision CentroGrip™ collet chucks from Diebold guarantee the best possible radial run-out, with < 1µm for the collet holder body and < 2µm for collets.

Due to the symmetrical design of the clamping nut, there will be no air turbulences or vibrations at the milling cutter.

CentroGrip™ is a must have for your machining processes in the High Speed Cutting area!

Thermo-ER Shrink Collets

TER (Thermo-ER) shrink collets are characterized by an optimal radial run-out of <3µm, excellent change accuracy, maximum holding force and best stability. TER shrink collets fit in any existing ER collet holder.
Simply combine the advantages of the shrink fit technology with your existing ER collet holder system, it will certainly pay off!

D-BT tool holders

Similar to tool holders with HSK interface, Diebold-BT tool holders also have a face contact. Nevertheless, these BT holders can also be used on machines with standard BT spindles.

The true strength of the D-BT tool holders, however, is shown by their face contact in the machine. Here, you benefit from maximum machine accuracy and absolute stability for your milling process.

Slim shrink-fit chucks – one-piece or modular – in particular for die & mold & medical industry

For many machining processes, especially in mold making, slim and long tools for machining deep cavities are required.

Diebold offers slim shrink-fit chucks with a one-piece or modular design, which are ideal for use in mold industry and medical technology.

UltraJet 3.0 Power Chucks

The new new UltraJet™ 3.0 power chuck is an innovative combination of the JetSleeve™ 2.0, which has been established on the market for years, and Dieboldꞌs UltraGrip™ 3.0 power chuck. The new UltraJet™ 3.0 power chucks supply coolant to the nose of the chucks, nozzles create high pressure and the coolant, air or air-oil mist will blow the chips out of the cutter area. It is almost impossible to overrun the chips in heavy-duty machining, resulting in even higher cutting values and significantly longer tool life. That saves money. The Venturi effect keeps the mixture at the cutter at any speeds. This ensures optimal cooling and effectively washes away the chips in milliseconds. Milling of deep pockets and cavities is now facilitated. No tool with internal cooling is needed. Cutters without internal cooling are cheaper and more stable. In summary, this leads to higher process reliability (unmanned work is possible), a longer cutter life, better surface quality, lower tool costs, higher chip removal rates and significantly reduced quantities of coolant and compressed air. The maximum clamping forces of UltraJet™ 3.0 power chucks, the design-related vibration damping properties together with excellent concentricity guarantee maximum chip removal performance in HPC milling with large cutting depths combined with high feed rates and extreme cutting forces.



Shrink Fit Technology

More than 20 years ago, we introduced the first contact shrink unit, a milestone in modern shrink technology. Then we developed inductive shrink units and, today, we are the market leader with more than 10 different units.

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Measuring Technology

Discover our taper measuring instruments for measuring HSK, SK, BT, D-BT, our measuring instruments for HSK spindle tapers as well as clamping force testers for spindles with HSK, SK, BT and PSC tapers, plug gauges for aligning machines, radial run-out test bars and special measuring instruments.

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Spindle technology

Here, you will find Diebold high-frequency spindles for HSC milling, HPC milling and robot milling and spindles for 5-axis machines and swivel spindles with extremely short design and high power of up to 90 kW and speeds of up to 50,000 rpm.

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Workpiece Clamping Technology

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How to benefit from the Goldring tool holders

Everything from a single source

From tool holders and measuring devices to the spindle-  
we offer everything. For best fit of the tool holders in your spindle.

Made in Jungingen

For more than 70 years our quality products have been manufactured at our sole production site in Jungingen.

Excellent repeatability after tool change

Minimum tolerances ensure maximum output and your perfect milling result.


Finely selected materials ensure a maximum life time for your Goldring tools.


Numerous machine manufacturers rely exclusively on Diebold Goldring tool holders.



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