Measurement technology for the tool interface solves machining problems

Milling processes often cause problems, but the cause research often goes in the wrong direction. The cutting tool is often held responsible for this, but this often results in expensive on-site service visits for the cutting tool manufacturer at the customer‘s premises, for which he is not responsible.

Just recently a well-known manufacturer of high-precision cutting tools asked us for help because his customer has used tool holders of poor quality to clamp their high-quality and „not cheap“ miniature tools. He himself cannot provide evidence by measuring the tool holders and has used our Quality-Check service to measure the tool holders of his customer. The result was clear and most of the measured tool holders were outside the DIN / ISO tolerances. Not to mention better than ISO - which would be good for his very small tools. As a result, the end customer had to decide to buy the tool holders again. He ordered it from us with a certificate of the measured accuracy.

The Quality-Check has become an important part of our range of services and is increasingly being used by critical users. The customer‘s tool holders are measured and digitally documented with little cost. The customer then has a digital report to evaluate the measurement results and to be able to make decisions as to whether or not these tool holders can be used for the desired machining successes.

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