The Diebold Quality-Check

Are your tool holders manufactured according to DIN/ISO?

From our experience, over 30% of the tool holders that companies use in manufacturing are not or no longer in DIN tolerance. You will find user reports on this at the end of this offer. Now is the time to send your tool holders to us for the Quality-Check.

Even if it is only small quantities at first, use the opportunity to gain clarity about the quality and accuracy of your tool holders. Send us the tool holders to be checked with a reference to the Basic Check or Plus Check and you will receive them back with the desired evaluation in a few days. With the results of the quality check and the measurement documentation, you have the basis for your decision as to whether these tool holders can still be used for the desired machining success or not.

With the purchase of supposedly “cheaper” HSK tool holders, no money is saved in the end, on the contrary: The losses accumulate every day when this problem has not been resolved or decisions are delayed.

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