VEG Presetters

The Tool Presetters VEG Basic and VEG PLUS are i4.0 ready

Digital and thus simplified tool management is the solution for more productive work and better utilization of machine capacities. Productivity increases of 30% and more are easily feasible. With the right digital tool organization, unproductive waiting times for machines and downtimes for spindles can be avoided. The cutting time improvements on CNC machines have largely been exhausted and can only be improved marginally. But the non-productive times can also be further reduced by automating the work piece handling. In CNC milling, the starting point for the NC program is still determined using an edge finder, which means that a lot of valuable spindle runtime is wasted.
Example: 500 parts x 2 min for measuring = 1000 min. = 16.6 hours = 2 shifts of
spindle hours are lost Digital pallet management will be the right solution for the future. To do this, the starting point for the NC program must be determined outside the machine and saved on the QR code of the pallet and then be read by the machine when the pallet is loaded to the machine and the starting point is transferred to the NC program.

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