Mold making

Besides the standard tool holder products Diebold offers five additional product lines especially designed for the Mould & Die industry. These product lines clearly differentiate from the rest of the market with regard to design, function and accuracy.


Mold making is a very innovative industry that offers more and more new processes for the production of plastic parts and multi-stage components with different materials. Mold makers have to be inventive, because there are many competitors on the world market who want to gain market shares in this business. We are working hard to offer these customers innovative tooling systems so that they can work more competitive. Whether tool clamping, work holding, tool management i4.0, tool presetting or tool balancing, all of these products from our range are geared towards the benefit of our customers. The change from milling of unhardened steel with subsequent EDM processes to machining of hardened steel has fundamentally changed the Mold & Die and tooling industry. The development of high-speed machines made this possible and is now standard in innovative mold-making companies. In order to produce complex contours in injection molds, long and slim tool holders are required which are being used to mill as close as possible to the final contour. Long and slim also means thin-walled and sensitive, especially for shrink fit chucks that are mainly used here.

Diebold`s five product lines designed for mold making, are unique in their conception and clearly differentiate from the rest of the market.

JetSleeve®2.0 Shrink Fit Chucks are patented tool holders with built-in nozzles, that blown the chips away with high pressure immediately after they brake. Whether you use coolant, MQL or ADL, even in deep holes or cavities the system works. It increases the tool life by up to 300%.

CentroGrip® Collet Chucks are ER collet chucks with significantly higher accuracy compared to standard ER chucks and a concentricity of less than one micron.

UltraGrip®3.0 Power Chucks and UltraJet®3.0 Power Chucks offer high gripping force and vibration-damping properties that pay off in heavy-duty machining. The UltraJet® version has the patented nozzle function of JetSleeve®2.0 built in, which ensures optimal chip removal. Power chucks are the right solution for heavy milling.Heavy machining is clearly on the advance when it comes to machining of Titanium Steel and Inconel materials.

The DMS Diebold Modular System is a modular shrink chuck line, consisting of base holders in which extensions and reductions are clamped. The modularity offers the advantage that the interface between the base holder and the extension has a damping effect. in comparison, one-piece shrink fit chucks are very rigid and they supply high clamping force and good concentricity. But they are often too stiff when a certain flexibility is needed when milling pockets at high speeds and with high dynamics. And another advantage: the extensions fit into every ER collet chuck that are being used by thousands of factories.

The US 1100 series heat shrink units are equipped with the patented Diebold TempControl Pyrometer technology. This technology allows to shrink tools automatically and without the risk of overheating the tool holders and to cool them down again with the fully automatic TubeChiller®. Over 90% of our customers buy the TempControl option since previously well over 30% of all tool holders used by manufacturers were overheated during shrinking and can therefore only be used to a limited extent. The Pyrometer Technology offers advantages, very much for the benefit of our customers.