Medical Industry and Dental Industry

Due to technological progress in orthopedic surgery and dental industry, the use of plates and implants is gaining in importance. The quality demands of the manufacturers are increasing and the tool holders for machining of titanium, stainless steel and dental materials must be particularly precise and reliable. Therefore, tool holders from Diebold such as the HSC tool holder line are coated and therefore protected against contamination. Our CentroGrip™ collet chucks (<1micron radial run-out, G1 balancing accuracy) set standards in terms of accuracy and balancing quality.


Medical industry and dental industry machine titanium and stainless steels with very high precision. In dental industry implants are manufactured extremely effectively and precisely on HSC machines. For these applications, the tool holders must be particularly accurate. Tool holders from Diebold for HSC machining are coated and are therefore protected against contamination. Any adhering dirt or dust would lead to imbalances.

We offer shrink fit chucks for special applications with concentricity less than one micron and balance quality G0.1 and our CentroGrip® collet chucks set standards in terms of accuracy and concentricity. Dental products must be machined particularly precise so that the milled parts fit as precisely as possible into the patient's mouth. This is a clear step forward compared to the previously handcrafted dental prothesis parts.

Implants in surgery have the highest demand on precision and durability. Diebold offers a wide range of tool holders for Medical Industry and Micro Machining. Diebold is the world market leader in HSK-E tool holders; all manufacturers of high-speed machines recommend using Diebold tools on their machines. The production of high-precision tool holders is not trivial and requires air-conditioned facilities, quality processes of laboratory quality and, above all, well-trained employees who live and work according to the Diebold motto "Passion for perfection" every day.

Very small tool holders are used for manufacturing medical and dental products, mainly with HSK 40, HSK 32 and HSK 25 tapers for micro-machining. The production of these small tool holders requires special know-how and sophisticated measuring methods. We manufacture our own taper gauges and master tapers at the level of a calibration institute. This ensures that our measuring equipment is always well calibrated and optimal for measuring.

We also produce work holding systems for dental products that are combined with zero point clamping systems for automatic parts loading. Work holding is also an important factor for the efficient machining of medical products with high accuracy. We offer innovative zero point clamping systems, pallets and vices with very high accuracy. Our technicians advise customers on these special work holding systems with which they can easily improve their productivity and profitability by over 30%.