Machine Tool Industry

Machine tool manufacturers rely on the quality of Diebold products for several reasons. We supply spindles for high-quality machines and tool holders for demanding machining operations. Our spindle line includes high freuqency spindles, spindle units and sub-assemblies. Our tool holders are of particular interest for manufacturers of high-speed machines, as with the use of our high precision tool holders outstanding cutting results will be reached thanks to the higher accuracy compared to the ISO/DIN standard.


Our high-precision tool holders are particularly required by users of high-speed machines. Also all well-known manufacturers of high-speed machines purchase their HSC tool holders exclusively from Diebold for quality reasons.


The service personnel of the machine builders depend on reliable and calibrated measuring equipment, both in production and during their service work.Diebold manufactures measuring technology products for the machine tool industry such as taper gauges, pull force testers and test arbors. We supply calibration services for these gauges according to ISO 9001.


What benefits can we offer? All products and individual parts are checked several times during production and the measurement results are documented. We deliver ready-to-use high-frequency spindles and spindle units or just spindle components gpt manufacturers of machine tools. Well-known machine manufacturers have even selected us as their sole supplier. Why do they do that? They audited our manufacturing processes and checked our consistently high quality and reliable delivery performance. But also because our buildings and production machines are optimally protected against damage since we have a sprinkler system and fire alarm system insalled, which are constantly monitored and kept in perfect technical function. From every machine type we run copies, so the risk of total production failure, even in the event of a local fire, is very unlikely.


40 years of experience in spindle manufacturing speak for themselves. Iin 1996, we introduced the first High-Frequency Spindles developed in-house. We have become specialists for spindles in the high speed range above 30,000 rpm. Spindles for 5-axis machines and special machines in a particularly short design are our specialty. We manufacture the drawbar systems and unclamp units ourselves because extremely short designs are not available on the market at reasonable costs. We have developed rotary unions for these applications together with the specialized manufacturers. Our spindles are also used in robot cells for deburring and milling. This is a field with a strong future that we have been serving as specialists for many years. The production and spindle assembly are fully air-conditioned since 2006. In 2010 we installed a class 2 measuring room with a room temperature constant of +/- 0.2 degrees per meter and high-precision CMM machines from Hexagon-Leitz.

Since 2019 our factory is working climate neutral. The air conditioning system is energy-saving, heat recovery with 94% efficiency is installed and the heat from the compressors is used. LED lighting is installed throughout the company and since 2012 we do not burn oil or liquid gas for heating. This required enormous investments in building technology. Therefore we reached higher accuracy of less than 1 micron and even work in an energy-saving and climate-neutral manner.


The manufacturers of high-speed machines - and their customers - purchase high-precision chucks from us because they achieve particularly outstanding machining results thanks to the significantly increased accuracy of our tool holders. Due to technological changes and the decline of cars with combustion engine, fewer investments will be made in cutting machines in the future. Of course, this also affects our business. This is why we will penetrate new fields of spindle technology applications in the future, especially  robot applications outside the metal processing.


The spindle service area is also being expanded. There are many spindle service specialists on the market. But we have the know-how for evenn more excellent spindle service. We guarantee you a professional overhaul of your spindles with reworking of the worn spindle components or new parts at the Diebold quality level described above.