High-speed machining

Two things are particularly important for high-speed machining: the smooth running of the cutting tool and absolute accuracy. As a specialist for tool holders which are used at high speeds, Diebold offers all taper forms and sizes (HSK, SK, BT, D-BT). Today our customers are milling at high speed up to 50,000 r.p.m.. Therefore the tool holders have to be very accurate with very low runout. Our products guarantee maximum precision at highest speeds.

In high-speed machining even more things are very important: The run out of the milling cutter and the unbalance of the tool holder. As a specialist in tool holders that are used at high speeds, Diebold offers tool holders for machining at up to 50,000 r.p.m. At high speeds tool holders are exposed to high centrifugal force. Our products guarantee the highest precision at the highest speeds.

We offer tool holders with a concentricity and run out of less than one micron. Can tool holders with this accuracy be produced in serial production? And if so, who needs such accuracy? What are the benefits for the customers?

The market for such requirements small, but is growing rapidly. Even In China, well over 1000 high-precision and high speed machines from Germany are in use. If you consider the leaps in innovation in the manufacture of camera lenses for cell phones, metal parts with mirror surfaces for optics, precision in mechanical watches or products for Medical technology and Aerospace industry. The precision machine manufacturers are very innovative and constantly improve the accuracy of their machines. High-speed milling machines require tool holders with much higher accuracy, better concentricity and best balance quality. Theses machines are used in the speed range of up to 60.000 r.p.m. We manufacture tool holders with a run out of <1mµ = 0.001 mm, usable at up to 80,000 rpm. This is by no means trivial and requires very special skills of the machine operators, exceptionally precise production machines in an air-conditioned environment and precisely temperature-controlled CMM rooms and measuring devices.

The brands CentroGrip®, JetSleeve® and certain sizes of our other shrink fit holders are manufactured in this accuracy class. With our in-house developed gauges we can measure and guarantee these accuracies. All well known manufacturers of high-speed machines buy their high-precision tool holders from us. The benchmark and the comparison of the products of different suppliers resulted in the decision for our products. This is a very special reward for our efforts to manufacture tool holders of the highest accuracy level for the world market. Manufacturing tool holders in the accuracy class described is outstanding. Just like in the watch industry, where the dedication of the workers creates a unique end product. Watches with manufacture caliber stand for innovation, highest precision, long-term accuracy and collector's value. These watches are mainly manufactured with Diebold tool holders on high-speed machines.

At 40,000 to 80,000 r.p.m. tool holders are exposed to high centrifugal forces that must be controlled. Our in-house developed and special balancing processes guarantee the highest balancing quality.