The production of aviation-certified components requires a high level of quality and precision in the micrometer range. Complete documentation of all processes, e.g. material certificates, hardness testing, manufacturing processes and quality management, coupled with an absolute adherence to delivery dates are required. Since May 2020 Diebold is certified to manufacture parts for the Aerospace Industry according to NF EN 9100: 2018.


Why are we the right partner for manufacturing Aerospace parts?

Synergies from our tool holder, spindle and gauges production:

  • High precision
  • Perfect Quality control
  • Production in our air-conditioned high-tech factory
  • Production with automation 24/7, therefore cost-effective production even when "Made in Germany"

We are at your disposal as a reliable supplier in the aerospace sector. We can also offer a comprehensive measurement technology and assembly of your parts. We have a clean room for the assembly of all types of assemblies, all in an air-conditioned environment with a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Over 30 state-of-the-art CNC machines are available, Turn-Mill Machines, 5-axis Milling Machines with automation and 15 CNC Grinders are installed.

We are specialized in cylindrical grinding inside and outside with the most precise grinding machines available on the world market, namely from Switzerland.

Our CMM room provides measuring services for which there is a constant need in the aerospace industry. We are working at the level of a calibration institute. The inspection room and CMM room work 2 shifts. Our employees are trained on the highest level of measuring technology.

If you have a need for this service, we are the right partner. Please contact us at or by phone at 07477-871-712.

Hermann Diebold, the owner of the Diebold company, has been a private pilot since 1997 and is well connected in the community for Antique Aircraft Aviation. He knows exactly what the Aerospace Industry needs:

What is safety-relevant

What is necessary to manufacture Aerospace approved products

What are the test requirements

And how the documentation needs to be done


A few examples of high-precision parts from our production:


Measuring room quality class 2

In the measuring room quality class 2 with a temperature constant of +/- 0.2 degrees per meter, components are measured with two high-precision measuring machines Leitz PMMC with the highest level of accuracy.

Multi-axis turning

Index with robot cell, multi-axis turning 24/7 with automation.