Why do customers rely on Diebold products?

Productionin a fully air-conditioned factory with the best machine tools available on the world market guarantee the maximum accuracy of our products. 70% of our employees have completed their apprenticeships with us and therefore master these high requirements. Every part which leaves Diebold is tested several times during production and is documented in a final measuring protocol. This guarantees the customer absolute perfection because he can rely on the accuracy and quality of our products.



Mold & Die industry

High-speed machining

Medical technology

Machine tool builders

Watch industry

Mold & Die industry

Besides the standard tool holder products Diebold offers tree special product lines for the mold & die industry, which clearly differentiate from the rest of the market with regard to design and accuracy. JetSleeve™2.0 are patented shrink fit holders which prevent the milling cutter from over-running chips. CentroGrip™ collet chucks offer a comparatively higher accuracy with optimum radial run-out. UltraGrip™3.0 power chucks have vibration-damping properties which pay off in heavy-duty machining.

High-speed machining

Two things are particularly important for high-speed machining: the smooth running of the cutting tool and absolute accuracy. As a specialist for tool holders which are used at high speeds, Diebold offers all taper forms and sizes (HSK, SK, BT, D-BT). Today our customers are milling at high speed up to 50,000 r.p.m.; therefore, the tool holders have to be very accurate with very low runout. Our products guarantee maximum precision at highest speeds.

Medical technology

Due to technological progress in orthopedic surgery and dental industry, the use of plates and implants is gaining in importance. The quality demands of the manufacturers are increasing and the tool holders for machining of titanium, stainless steel and dental materials must be particularly precise and reliable. Therefore, tool holders from Diebold such as the HSC tool holder line are coated and therefore protected against contamination. Our CentroGrip™ collet chucks (<1µ radial run-out, G1) sets standards in terms of accuracy and balancing quality.

Machine tool construction

Machine tool manufacturers rely on the quality of Diebold products for many reasons. We supply spindles for high-quality machines and tool holders for demanding machining operations. Our product portfolio includes high freuqency spindles, spindle units and sub-assemblies. Our tool holders are of particular interest for manufacturers of high-speed machines, as with these tool holder you will achieve outstanding cutting results thanks to their increased accuracy compared to the ISO/DIN standard.

Watch industry

For the production of watch cases or components integrated in mechanical watches special machines with increased accuracy are required. For these machines we offer the appropriate tool holders. HSK tool holders from Diebold guarantee precise radial run-out and ensure that you can machine in the micrometer range – for example when machining tiny watch gears.


The production of aviation-certified components from all materials requires a high level of quality and precision in the μm range. In addition, it also requires complete documentation of all processes, e.g. Material certificates, hardness testing, manufacturing processes up to quality management, coupled with an absolute adherence to delivery dates. Since May 2020 Diebold is certified to manufacture parts for the aerospace industry according to NF EN 9100: 2018. Diebold offers an extensive range of services as a reliable supplier in the field of aerospace production and assembly.



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