Energy concept

Diebold energy concept

We take responsibility for our employees, the region and the environment. Our sophisticated energy concept helps to sustainably reduce energy consumption and to protect natural resources.  

Our intelligent energy concept means:  

  • Responsibility for people and environment 
  • Responsibility for the region 
  • Uncompromising preservation of quality 
  • Energy- and cost-saving climate and heating concept 
  • Energy generation via photovoltaics 
  • Recovery of heat from compressors 
  • Consistent conversion of lighting to LED  

       Further measures for the environment:

  • Free electricity for e-bike and e-vehicle for employees for charging private electric or hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Use of company electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Replacement of all PCs with thin clients that access virtualised servers
  • Video conferencing instead of travel
  • Packaging concept: air cushions made of recycled material instead of paper and corrugated cardboard and changeover of screw sleeves to recycled material


       Insights into our climate-neutral company:

  • Fully air-conditioned building and production
  • Cooling with air or river water use
  • Photovoltaic system with green electricity
  • Heat from the region with bioenergy
  • Reduction of Co2 emissions
  • High environmental and energy standards

    We have achieved these high environmental and energy standards due to the consistent implementation of modern energy saving concepts.

    Nevertheless, we will continue to work on increasing the efficiency of our company and we will continue to use all technologies to make our company even more energy-efficient and cleaner. As a company firmly rooted in the region, we regard this as our duty.

    Responsibility for people, region & environment

    In order to achieve our high accuracy requirements, Diebold operates air-conditioned production rooms as well as fully air-conditioned rooms for spindle and measuring equipment assembly. These production areas are highly efficient and temperature-controlled to a constant temperature of 21°C. In addition, the cooling water of the grinding machines is tempered to the same temperature of 21°C. Nevertheless, only little external energy is required. 

    80% of the cooling capacity is provided by free cooling with air or river water. Only 20% must be generated via the chiller units.We also feed our photovoltaic system with 30,000 kWh of green electricity into the grid every year and heat our buildings in an environmentally friendly way with renewable raw materials.

    We produce according to the principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness, without losing sight of customer benefits and the high quality of our products.

    Sustainable packaging: we use environmentally friendly and recycled materials for our products.

    For plastic packaging, we use recyclate (100% recycled plastic). That's why packaging can smell good with us - because before recycling, they were packaging for shampoo or washing powder.



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