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Diebold offers a complete range of toolholders of all taper styles, all Made in Germany at their modern facility in Jungingen.

HSK toolholders require a much higher level of manufacturing accuracy than steep taper toolholders. Tolerances between the tool taper and the spindle receiver taper are typically less than two microns (.002mm), requiring gauges of the highest quality, and rigidly controlled manufacturing processes. Diebold designs and manufactures their own gauging systems, and also utilizes the most advanced gauging technology available on the market today in their quest for product improvement.

HSK tools are often used for high speed operations and balancing the toolholders is absolutely necessary. Diebold works with the finest available balancing equipment, and has developed clamping units and balancing adaptors to obtain the best results in balancing HSK tools.

The complete range of HSK Forms and sizes are available, including adaptors to convert steep taper spindles to HSK, reductions and extensions for modular tools, and HSK clamping units. All standard toolholders such as ThermoGrip Chucks, Collet Chucks, Sidelock Holders, Blanks, and runout Arbors are on the shelf.

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Diebold Tool Holders HSK / SK / CAT / BT
Diebold Tool Holders HSK / SK / CAT / BT
DIN 69893 / DIN 69871 / MAS BT / DIN 2080

Diebold Goldring Werkzeugfabrik has been involved in the manufacture of HSK toolholders since 1987. Hermann Diebold serves on the DIN HSK standardization committee. Diebold manufactured the first spindles and toolholders used as test samples at the University of Aachen, where HSK was born. Since then, our company has continuously been at the forefront of HSK manufacturing technology. Many years of experience in manufacturing HSK tools enabled Diebold to become the manufacturer of the finest gauges for measuring of HSK tool and spindle tapers.

Made in Germany:
We manufacture our toolholders and all other products in our climate controlled modern factory in Jungingen, Germany.

Medical Technology
Medical Technology

Diebold JetSleeve2.0®
Diebold JetSleeve2.0®
a new concept in machining

The JS 2.0 is an advance of the existing JetSleeve, but it is completely differently designed and has now further technical features and even more advantages. There is now no longer an aluminum sleeve, but a ring with 16 tiny nozzles, which is applied to the tip of the hoplder. Due to the fact that the aluminum sleeve was replaced by a ring, the wall thickness of the chuck could be increased which enhances the gripping force. This benefits the vibration resistance, and the cutter also sits more firmly in the shrink sleeve. A further advantage is that it is now possible to set up the tools more quickly since no aluminum sleeve has to be unscrewed to shrink the cutters. This has so far been necessary since aluminum prevents the induction field to reach the holder. The JetSleeve 2.0, on the other hand, is made entirely of hardened steel. Even the nozzle ring that can be unscrewed for cleaning purposes is made of this material, which is why it does not have to be removed when a milling cutter is inserted or shrunk.
Diebold UltraGrip™
Diebold UltraGrip™

DIEBOLD-UltraGrip®-line is a power chuck, designed for heavy cutting operations.  It features both maximum clamping power and vibration damping features. The combination of best concentric run-out of less than 3µm, together with high clamping forces is unique in its design.
This will cover in the area of HPC High Performance Cutting with high cutting depth, high feed ratess and extreme cutting forces in the future.
Diebold CentroGrip™
Diebold CentroGrip™

The DIEBOLD-CentroGrip® collet chuck line is designed for best possible concentric run-out combined with the flexibility of micro runout MR collets with contour of ER collets. The maximum run-out of these collet chucks with collet installed is 3µ. In this design Diebold combines highest holder accuracy with outstanding quality of the collets.
TER-Shrink Collets
TER-Shrink Collets
TER-Shrink Collets ER style

Revolutionary application for use with standard collet chucks
- runout <0.003 mm
- excellent repeatability after tool change
- high gripping force
- stability much higher than in slotted collets
D-BT Tool Holders are Diebold-BT holders with face contact
D-BT Tool Holders are Diebold-BT holders with face contact

D-BT are BT holders that supply dual contact between spindle and tool holder for simultaneous fit of the toolholder in the spindle maintaining interchangeability with existing machines and tool holders.
This results in remarkable improvement of rigidity and performance. When milling with D-BT holders, work piece surfaces are much better and tool life will increase while cycle time can be reduced to half compared to manufacturing with standard DBT holders. Diebold offers D-BT tool holders and first of all the gauges to inspect these tool holders. In addition we supply test arbors for the D-BT interface as well.
Taper Cleaner
Taper Cleaner
for HSK/SK/BT -Tapers

Clean your tool taper regularly to ensure the performance of the taper interface. The Taper Cleaner reliably removes adhering lubricant, oil residues and surface corrosion.

Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. - Goldring - Werkzeugfabrik - An der Sägmühle 4 - D-72417 Jungingen
Telefon +49 7477 871-0 - Fax +49 7477 871-30 - E-Mail:


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